LA Times in search of the elusive black victim

As I was browsing the News stories at I came across this LA Times story. North Carolina lawmakers approve sweeping voter ID bill, by David Zucchino. When I clicked on the link to the full story I did a double take at the byline. Not Raleigh-Durham. Not Charlotte. Not any of the communities where one might expect to find a lot of the poor, elderly and black voters Zucchino seems to be so concerned about becoming disenfranchised by the requirements in this law that one needs to have a state issued ID card in order to vote.  No, this article is bylined Maggie Valley, NC.    Now Maggie Valley certainly sounds like to could be a shabby rural community where one might find poor, elderly black people to outsiders, but then Cape Cod also sounds like it could be a smelly little fishing village,  Maggie Valley, a community in Haywood county, is a popular resting place for the wealthy Florida hummingbirds who flock to luxury mountain cabins across the region...(Read Full Post)