Justice for Trayvon - Sharpton Style

America has come a long way since the days of mob rule in the old south. There was no need for a trial if the court of public opinion had spoken. As long as there was an accusation that a black person had done something or somebody wrong, and there were enough enraged whites on board, justice usually awaited the accused either at the brutal hands of the local Sheriff's department, a fixed trial, or at the end of a rope. In either case, the mob always made sure justice was served - their way. People would agree that those times in the south were horrific, inhumane, and a total abomination of what our criminal justice system was designed to do. It seemed that innocent until proven guilty was for whites only. So where does that leave us today after the George Zimmerman trial and his subsequent acquittal? There hasn't been a trial this scrutinized since the O.J trial. With wall-to-wall coverage, day after day, including weekends, and plenty of analysis to boot. And you literally...(Read Full Post)