Jane Fonda as Ho Chi Minh

Do you see an agenda here?

While the "fetching actress Diane Lane" is channeling the decidedly unfetching, shrewish Hillary Rodham Clinton for a Hollywood style mini series just in time for the 2016 election, the entertainment industry has once again gone violently against reality to portray another First Lady.  

Continuing their liberal hatred, none other than Hanoi Jane Fonda herself will do a brief bit acting as Nancy Reagan in "Lee Daniels: The Butler."  Scheduled for an August release, Daniels was a butler who served eight presidents, including Reagan. The arrogant Fonda justifies her role as Reagan proclaiming, "I don't think that whatever differences there might be in our politics really matters you know."

Well, I do know this: Fonda is promoting the film wearing a...Ho Chi Minh t shirt.  That does matter. (Go find the link yourself if you must; there are limits to my tolerance for publicizing such insensitivity and cruelty.  Ho's victims are unable to comment.)

And...can you say racist?  Daniels was black; his on screen persona is the fine actor Forest Whitaker.  Fonda's cheap political publicity gimmick is backfiring, drawing attention to this clueless, indulged white female at the expense of not only Whitaker but what is probably an interesting story of the White House and presidency as seen through the eyes of one whose view is usually not shown. It will probably also alienate enough potential attendees to boycott the movie.

Nancy Reagan was in the White House for eight years. The public got to know her.  And we know that Fonda  is no Nancy Reagan.