House Republicans ask Senate to delay Obamacare mandate

The GOP House is asking the Democratic-controlled Senate to vote to suspend the individual mandate in Obamacare for a year - the same deal that the administration has given businesses. The Hill: Reps. Todd Young (R-Ind.) and Tim Griffin (R-Ark.), sponsors of a bill to delay the mandate that passed the House on Wednesday, delivered the weekly GOP address. Young and Griffin accused Democrats and the White House of ignoring the needs of individuals by opposing their legislation. "Many Democrats voted to stand with big business and against fairness for individuals and families," said Young. "President Obama threatened to veto our proposals altogether. We take that to mean he thinks it's fair to let businesses off the hook while leaving middle-class families in harm's way." Griffin told the story of a "21-year old Hispanic-American who runs a small business in my district" who says he cannot hire more workers because "ObamaCare makes him choose between new, higher insurance ...(Read Full Post)