House Dem wants investigation of Trayvon Martin death

Because there might be a pony in that pile of manure somewhere, if we look hard enough. The Hill: Rep. Luis Gutierrez said last year's shooting death of the unarmed teenager and Saturday's verdict "undermines the rule of law, erodes community trust in law enforcement, and exemplifies just how dangerous the combination of rampant fear and easily available guns can be." In a July 15 letter to House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), the Illinois Democrat urged the panel to hold hearings on both the Martin case and gun violence in general "as soon as possible." "When any child is gunned down and no one goes to jail, it is incumbent on lawmakers at the highest level of government to investigate whether justice has been done, whether the underlying law is just, and whether federal legislation could help avoid another tragic death like the death of Trayvon Martin," wrote Gutierrez, who sits on the Judiciary Committee. "Even as crime has gone down across the...(Read Full Post)