Homeland Security Fail

Frightening evidence of how lax our airport security has become is provided by an incident near Los Angeles, where a parked private jet airplane was tagged by a graffiti artist vandal. Russ Niles of AVweb reports: Los Angeles World Airports has confirmed an unusual incident of aircraft vandalism at Van Nuys Airport earlier this week. A Learjet was tagged with some elaborate graffiti, which would have taken the "artist" some time to complete. Paint work to obliterate the freedom of expression (which includes what may be the tagger's signature) will cost in the tens of thousands of dollars and there will undoubtedly be a thorough inspection of the rest of the plane. What's not clear is how the spray-can wielding perpetrator penetrated the defenses of one of the U.S.'s busiest business aviation airports. Diana Sanchez, public and community relations director for the airport organization told AVweb they're looking into it.  The Los Angeles Police Department and the FBI are...(Read Full Post)