Going the Full Sharpton

Forced busing did not work so well, so now they are upping the ante and trying forced housing. Forced bussing, as it actually played out in the real world of adults, was a terrific failure. It was extremely expensive.  It caused terrific headaches for ordinary people. It wasted limited resources.  More cynically, it did not serve the needs of children, but of social planners and politicians, and ultimately it largely failed in achieving its stated goals. Apparently, during a July 16th speech to the NAACP, taxpayer funded HUD leader Shaun Donovan is now going "The full Sharpton"' but in a new direction:  forced housing. And part of the reason we've been active like never before is because the nature of discrimination has changed over the years.  While blatant, "in your face", discrimination is still very real today - a quieter form of discrimination has emerged that is just as harmful to our country....Bottom line: people are being denied their freedom of...(Read Full Post)