Fed's policies working at cross purposes with Obamacare

As the Federal Reserve implements poor tools to hold to an outdated mandate, the unintended consequences of misguided legislation known as Obamacare has put the Federal government and its efforts to improve the national employment picture in opposition with itself. Is anyone surprised that the leviathan known as the Federal Government would have forces clashing within as it applies misguided efforts? The Federal Reserve is utilizing monetary policy to "maximize" employment per its mandate struck in the 1970s. The Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare is discouraging hiring per the unintended consequences of complicated and misguided legislation. In the corporate world, a business in such a predicament would either have emergency board meetings to solve the issue or fail.  As citizens, we are forced to watch the  governmental idiocy. Per its mission statement authored in 1977 The Federal Reserve has three mandates, one of which is maximizing employment via monetary...(Read Full Post)