Egypt, Islam, and Modernity

Herbert E. Meyer has a track record of seeing the big picture when others are mired in the details. When President Reagan proclaimed his Cold War strategy to be, "We win; they lose," it was Herb Meyer who mobilized the CIA into devising the strategy to accomplish this, a task that resulted in his being awarded the nation's highest honor for intelligence service. Meyer has no turned his attention to Egypt, and outlined his views in an interview with Grove City College's Center for Values and Vision. The entire interview is well worth a read, but here are three key  excerpts: Islam is finally starting to do what Christianity and Judaism did centuries ago: figure out how to reconcile faith with the modern world. In effect, the Islamic world has started to write the code for Version 2.0. This is a momentous development in world history. Remember that it took us a long time to get it right, so to speak, and we shouldn't expect the Muslim world to accomplish this overnight. For 30...(Read Full Post)