Drug War -- a Film Review

Making even 50 gr. of meth in China will earn you a death sentence. The meth maker, handsome Timmy Choi (Louis Koo), is a kingpin producing tonnes in various labs strategically placed throughout the country. An unexpected 'work accident' explodes one major lab, killing the drug-lord's wife and brothers, and pockmarking his face like some weird type of venereal disease. He finds himself in the custody of gimlet-eyed Captain Zhang (Sun Hoglei). To avoid certain execution, Choi turns informant... or does he? The police have a 72-hour window to land their guys, compressing their meticulous work-design into a chaotic, sleepless 3 days. Events do not go per plan. It is not clear who has the upper hand. If anyone. DRUG WAR is a cool, atmospheric summer treat. For those who enjoy a good underworld production, master director Johnnie To has produced a raft of Hong Kong thrillers: Election, Triangle, Exiled, Breaking News, PTU. This is his first "mainland" effort. Its sleek dynamics,...(Read Full Post)