DoJ places 'hold' on Zimmerman evidence

Eric Holder is continuing his efforts to find George Zimmerman guilty of...something. He ordered the Department of Justice to place a hold on all evidence in the Zimmerman trial, including George Zimmerman's gun that Florida law says can now be returned to him. Daily Mail: Sanford police confirmed on Thursday that the DOJ asked the agency not to return any pieces of evidence to their owners. Zimmerman was expected to get his firearm back by month's end. The development is a sign that the criminal section of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division is seriously investigating Zimmerman to determine if federal civil rights charges should be filed. Zimmerman was acquitted of murder and manslaughter on Sunday in a Florida courtroom, but civil rights violations provide an exception to the U.S. Constitution's protection against double jeopardy after a defendant has been found 'not guilty' in a state or local jurisdiction. That's because if Zimmerman were tried in...(Read Full Post)