Delivering Illinois

It appears there are some masterful political theatrics and undercurrents in Illinois that will provide a power realignment. The Madigan family and its power hold on Illinois is about to meet some stiff head winds.  An arrangement that could only be created by a fiction writer with a vivid imagination, State Speaker of the House Mike Madigan has had his daughter, Lisa, as the State's Attorney General.  What this arrangement could provide, or not provide, is up to the reader's imagination. Enter former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.  He remarkably saunters into the Chicago mayoral position vacated by the Daly family in whose control it was for 5 decades. Now enter Bill Daly, brother of the recent mayor.  Bill is also a former Obama Chief of Staff.  Bill has announced he wishes to be the next governor. Now suddenly Mike Madigan, the man who allegedly holds the power reins in the State, has a scandal of sorts,  the kind of scandal a federal...(Read Full Post)