Big Government is Swallowing the NGOs

Several amazing statistics are given in a recent Wall Street Journal article that details the extent to which the activities of the nation's NGOs are now essentially controlled by Washington. It is one of the most remarkable features of the American experiment - more so than in any other nation - that our people spontaneously form robust civic, religious, charitable and educational organizations, which successfully address the people's problems. This aspect of American life was already highlighted nearly 200 years ago by de Tocqueville. It has remained so throughout the generations and plays a key role in the United States' ongoing quest to ensure liberty and prosperity for its people. But, alas, the nation's civic associations have been coopted by the federal government. This is an assertion that we sense is true by simply observing the landscape. The nation's institutions of higher learning are increasingly dependent on Washington for funds and priorities. The public schools look...(Read Full Post)