Asiana Who?

I would wager that most Americans had never heard of Asiana Airlines until flight 214 crashed, and now the company has entered the national consciousness in the worst possible way. But it is a company that has aggressively carved out a niche in the world airline industry, and whose cabin service and operations have been generally well respected, with company winning the award "airline of the year" by trade publication Air Transport World in 2009, and named the best airline in the world by Skytrax at the 2010 World Airline Awards. Whatever problems at Asiana may or may not be discovered related to the crash, the company has earned a lot of respect in its industry. Asiana was established in 1988, to become the Republic of Korea's second international carrier, competing against Korean Airlines, until then the monopoly national carrier. The South Korean economy is dominated by vast, diversified business groups, called chaebol, somewhat similar to the zaibatsu groups that dominated the...(Read Full Post)