Anthony Weiner Needs You to Ignore Him

Anthony Weiner is a tired man.  He is exhausted from having to keep his public persona one step ahead of his personal life.  But you understand the exhaustion is exhilarating to him.  He needs public notoriety in order to gratify and feed his bizarre impulses that consume him.  He'll lie, cheat, manipulate and even grovel if he must to remain relevant.  He'll use his wife as a human shield and will think nothing about publicly humiliating her over and over.  Anthony Weiner is the type of man to Google his own name and count the search numbers.  He'll do it again the next day and note the changes.  Depending on the rise or fall of those numbers determines his mood.  Anthony Weiner is the type of man to create online nicknames for seedy chat rooms to see what some may be saying about him.  If the conversation isn't raw enough, Anthony will chime in to get the conversation moving.  He may even recommend his favorite Weiner...(Read Full Post)