Angela Corey, bringing people together

Let's do talk about Angela Corey, the special prosecutor of George Zimmerman. In addition to seeing that the Zimmerman family lives in fear, Angela Corey seems to see the world as a better place when a profoundly abused 12 year old boy is, in effect, placed in solitary confinement because adult facilities simply cannot meet the needs of such a prisioner;  where a battered woman gets to watch from behind bars as her assailant now raises their children; and where an ailing elderly man withers in prison for committing an act of chivalry. The last is poor Ronald Thompson.  He was a 62 year old disabled veteran and an active volunteer in veteran's affairs when he came to the aid of a neighbor.  Her grandson and three of his friends were defying her demands they stay away from her house. Thompson fired two shots into the ground to scare them off.  What happened next? Placing simple-minded consistency over common sense, State Prosecutor Angela Corey charged Ronald...(Read Full Post)