Agitating for an American War in Syria

Senator Carl Levin, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, wants to go to war in Syria -- not with Syria, necessarily, but in Syria.  And it's not really war, although it involves weapons and American troops (in the air -- Sen. Levin has been very explicit about "no boots on the ground," as if American bombs are less war-ish than American infantry).  He and Senators John McCain and Robert Menendez aren't looking for victory, and they don't want the military to remove Assad from power.  But they're pretty sure that weapons could be useful somehow, used by someone -- maybe by barefoot American troops (no boots).  All this appears in their letter to President Obama urging "American leadership" in Syria. It is a stunning mess.   "We are concerned that conditions on the ground are deteriorating rapidly and significantly," they write, cataloging the truly horrendous carnage, detailing government successes against the rebels, and placing the war in...(Read Full Post)