7 dead, hundreds injured in Egypt clashes

After a few days breather, the Muslim Brotherhood continued their violent campaign to overturn the coup that removed President Morsi  from office. In clashes with police, 7 are dead and more than 262 were injured. The riots occurred just hours after a clueless US diplomat hailed a "second chance" for democracy in Egypt. Washington Post: Deadly clashes erupted on the streets of Cairo on Monday night not long after a visiting U.S. diplomat hailed what he called a "second chance" for Egyptian democracy after the ouster of the country's elected president this month. Deputy Secretary of State William J. Burns, the highest-level U.S. official to visit Cairo since President Mohamed Morsi was removed by the military July 3, signaled Washington's readiness to stand with Egypt's new leaders. Hours later, hundreds of thousands of Morsi supporters shut down major roads and highways in central Cairo and the coastal city of Alexandria, and police launched barrages of tear gas to...(Read Full Post)