Who resumed IRS targeting in May 2012?

According to May 21 testimony before the Senate Finance Committee, in July 2011 IRS targeting of conservative groups for additional scrutiny was stopped, only to be resumed in May 2012. The initial targeting was blamed upon underlings in the Cincinnati IRS office. But, mysteriously, nobody at the IRS seems to know who ordered that targeting be resumed. Senator Pat Toomey (Republican, PA) questioned Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller about it (see the 2:07 mark): Toomey: So we're sitting here in May of 2013. At this point, do you know who it is that initiated the policy of establishing these ideological criteria for creating this additional level of screening for applicants for C4 status? Miller: It happened twice. The second time it happened, I don't think there is clarity on that. The first time I think there's more clarity on that. Toomey: So who was it? What was the name of the person who did it? Miller: I can give you the name. I'd be glad to respond to that. But I...(Read Full Post)