Western media swoons over new 'moderate' Iranian leader

If it weren't so pathetic, it would be comical. Headline from the Guardian: "Iran has changed course. Now the US must do the same." New York Times: "From Inner Circle of Iran, a Pragmatic Victor" NPR: "Iran Elects Moderate Cleric Hasan Rouhani President" Did John McCain put on clerical garb and run for president in Iran? Did Mitt Romney grow a beard and move to Tehran? No, my friends at the Guardian, Iran has not "changed course." At least the NY Times got it half right; Irani's new president, Hassan Rohani, is indeed, from the inner circle of power, but as far as him being a pragmatist, on what evidence do they base this theory? Hassan Rohani would not have spent the last 35 years of his life at the very center of power in the Islamic Republic of Iran without accepting some basic, fundamental truths. 1. Israel must cease to exist. 2. The west is evil and must be destroyed. 3. The US is the "Great Satan." Find a moderate in that witches brew of hate - I dare you. Sohrab...(Read Full Post)