The Patriot Act: 'Any Law can be Abused'

The Honorable James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) said Friday on Fox News that "Any law can be abused."  He was referring to the Patriot Act.  The congressman was being a tad glib in characterizing the Patriot Act - his creation - as "any law."  It most certainly isn't any law, and its abuse seems inevitable in light of the revelations about indiscriminately sweeping up phone call data from Americans, regardless any suspicion of terrorist intent. To Sensenbrenner's credit, he's condemned the abuse of the Patriot Act as an "overreach and dragnet."  Yet, in the Fox News interview, the congressman also said that this is what happens when "people think that big government is good."  Sensenbrenner characterized the abuse as "Orwellian."  But Sensenbrenner's concern about Orwellian big government abusing the Patriot Act begs the question: "What was the congressman thinking when he wrote the law in the first place?"  The Patriot Act isn't some clean air and...(Read Full Post)