The other scandal is our lack of job creation

We got a new unemployment rate. However, don't spend a lot of time looking at that number It does not really tell you the truth about the US economy. The scandal is that we've just celebrated the 4th anniversary of a stimulus that did not stimulate.  Didn't the White House call it the "Recovery and Reinvestment" act?  Isn't this the same White House that called it "The Affordable Health Care Act"? Edward Lazear posted a great analysis in The Wall Street Journal: "While the unemployment rate has fallen over the past 3½ years, the employment-to-population ratio has stayed almost constant at about 58.5%, well below the prerecession peak. Jobs are always being created and destroyed, and the net number of jobs over the last 3½ years has increased. But so too has the size of the working-age population. Job growth has been just slightly better than what it takes to keep the employed proportion of the working-age population constant. That's why...(Read Full Post)