The Obamacare nightmare

The year is 2023, and I anxiously walk to my local Omamacare Administration building, run by the IRS.  It is an opulent structure, with a massive front entrance stairway and Roman columns on both sides of the twelve-foot glass doors.  As I walk into the grand ballroom-sized entry, I hear the echo of my footsteps bouncing off the grey marble floor and walls. Glancing up, I see a fresco painted on the thirty-foot high ceiling, similar to the Sistine Chapel.  It is a painting of some officious-looking man in a dark suit and tie, floating on a cloud. He's holding a pile of paperwork in one hand while reaching out with his other toward a wretched-looking soul in a hospital bed.  The huge face of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is smiling down on both of them. As I approach the marble-tiled front counter, I overhear some IRS union employees chatting about last night's gala office party.  "The champagne was domestic, but there was plenty of it to go around. ...(Read Full Post)