The Obamacare Anthem: 'I Believe I Might Die!'

One incident took place in Las Vegas, Nevada and the other on Long Island in Massapequa, New York.  One had to do with ice cream, and the other had to do with being stuck on the tarmac for four hours, stranded on an Allegiant Air flight bound for Phoenix, Arizona. In Massapequa, a long-anticipated Dairy Queen opened, and like crazed zombies, disregarding the recent epidemic of explosive lactose intolerance, people with Dilly Bars on the brain have been lining up for days anxious to partake of Grill-Burgers and Blizzards.  Waiting in the rain for a chocolate-dipped soft-serve is one thing, but what transpired in Las Vegas wasn't as pleasant an experience.  Bound for Phoenix, passengers boarded an Allegiant Air jet, where they waited for 45 minutes.  The plane was pulled back to the terminal, where the passengers sat and waited some more.  Then, after attempting to depart again, the plane was pulled back again.  The second time, the passengers...(Read Full Post)