The new hip, cool Obamacare

This will probably work. If I were young and the Obama administration created a marketing campaign for Obamacare that made it cool and hip, I would have fallen for it myself. The Hill: Administration officials have a daunting task in the weeks ahead: making ObamaCare "cool." Marketing experts say a hip branding effort is what's needed to draw people into the new health insurance exchanges set to launch in January. Officials working to implement President Obama's signature program recognize the need to generate buzz, and are working around the clock to come up with a marketing campaign that convinces young people to participate. They're reaching out to the NFL, the NBA and Hollywood for help, and counting down the days to Oct. 1, when enrollment in the exchanges officially begins. The administration is in a good position to secure splashy endorsements, as Obama's 2008 and 2012 campaigns had a deep bench of celebrity surrogates. "Beyoncé all but took on the first...(Read Full Post)