The Border Security Deal Nothing but Promises, Promises

Here's the one thing that politicians are really good at: assurances and promises (cue Dionne Warwick) Immigration reform - specifically, border security - is all about promises with measurable results as an afterthought - if at all.    Chuckie Schumer (D-NY) and the more pliable members of the Senate Republican Caucus (those shilling for business interests that like cheap labor) have cut a deal on border security.  The Chuckster and eager Senate Republicans are promising that if the whole enchilada of the immigration reform bill passes, Uncle Sam will hire 20,000 more border patrol agents and double border security fencing (350 miles existing), this according to a report in yesterday's Washington Times.  But not every Republican is buying promises, promises.  This from the Times' article: Critics said the bill doesn't require results, but rather relies on checking off boxes for agents hired and money spent. "All we have are more promises...(Read Full Post)