The Ambassador and the underage hooker?

A couple of years ago, Howard Gutman, America's Ambassador to Belgium, ignited a storm of criticism when he blamed Israel for generating anti-Semitism. There were calls that he be removed from his post, though partisan groups such as the National Jewish Democratic Council stayed mute. But President Obama kept him in the office -- perhaps as a reward for Gutman's success in being a fundraiser and donor to Obama (recall, Obama has defined politics as punish your enemies and rewarding your friends). So what has Gutman been up to since then? Apparently, by allowing him to stay in the prestigious post, Obama has unleashed the inner Gutman, a man who allegedly has proceeded to solicit prostitutes, including underage minors. And this has all been hushed up by the powers-that-be in DC. S.A. Miller and George Earle at the New York Post report: A State Department whistleblower has accused high-ranking staff of a massive coverup - including keeping a lid on findings that members of...(Read Full Post)