Tentative deal reached in Senate on enhanced border security

Republicans in the Senate are running out of excuses to vote against immigration reform. A tentative deal has been reached on border security that would go a long way toward meeting the concerns of nervous GOP Senators and may even convince some Republicans in the House to vote for some kind of immigration reform. Byron York: Republican Sens. John Hoeven and Bob Corker have been working on an amendment to the Gang bill that would satisfy Republicans who say the legislation as currently written does not have strong triggers to make the awarding of green cards, or permanent legal status, conditional on the completion of strict border control measures. A Senate aide familiar with the talks says the agreement would require that such measures be in place before immigrants could win permanent legal status. The key feature of the deal is a massive increase in the number of Border Patrol agents. The Hoeven and Corker amendment would call for the number of agents to be essentially...(Read Full Post)