Sustained Civilian Demand for War Implements

Upon the reelection of Our President last year, demand for firearms and ammunition predictably spiked. For those of us in the gun community, it seems as though the last bout of panic buying of 2008-9 had barely subsided. Fears of further attacks on gun rights sent the number of NICS checks upward by 53%. On a more anecdotal level, I have seen that most Walmarts, Cabelas, and Academies are still subject to ammunition rationing, and respectably-sized groups congregate near the gun counter in such stores at times they deem likely for ammo stocking. A visit to popular online ammunition providers, such as MidwayUSA, reveals the breadth and depth more quantitatively. Nearly no ammunition is available for military calibers such as 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm, and .45cal. The panic buying is not contained with guns and ammunition, however. Body armor, once the exclusive toy of the military and police, is a now scarce commodity on the open market. One civilian armor producer, AR500 ...(Read Full Post)