Socially engineering racial conflict

Addressing a large panel of black conservatives on Hannity Friday night, host Sean Hannity asked whether "African-American" was the correct label for black people. Thankfully, a vast majority of the panelists quite passionately agreed it was not, mainly making the point that we shouldn't hyphenate ourselves. This is true, but it still doesn't get at the heart of the matter. I said many years ago that I didn't use the term "African-American" and that I never would. It is part of the Lexicon of the Left, and, as the old book the Tyranny of Words points out, the side that defines the vocabulary of a debate, wins the debate. But what really is the problem with the term in question? Many terms have been used to describe blacks over the years, from Negro to colored, from the innocuous to the pejorative. But they all had one thing in common: they referred only to race. But African-American references a different part of the world. This can only serve to further alienate black folks from...(Read Full Post)