Rangel: GOP's demise will come 'soon.'

Disgraced Congressman Charles Rangel provided some inadvertent comedy yesterday when he told a reporter for ABC News that the end of the Republican party was in sight. The Grand Old Party will collapse in the near future, veteran Congressman Charlie Rangel prognosticates. "There are a lot of Republicans that I know are not proud of this period that they're going through," the Harlem Democratic told ABC's Rick Klein. "I predict the end of the Republican Party, maybe not in my lifetime, but soon." In the report, which went online earlier today, Mr. Rangel did not explain what would lead to the GOP's demise except to say it's impossible to "ignore the change in population of the United States of America and be a viable national party." Mr. Rangel's remarks came before he put on his costume for the Shakespeare Theatre Company's annual "Will on the Hill" production, which benefits art programs for low-income students. Mr. Klein had asked the congressman whether Washington was "a...(Read Full Post)