'Pre-Crime': Laws against Cell Phone Use while Driving

With news that the state of Maryland will start penalizing drivers who use cell phones, the Old Line State joins a long list of jurisdictions around the world which are attempting to crack down on the nebulous concept of distracted driving. There is strong evidence suggesting that not only is such legislation ineffective, but that it may actually lead to more dangerous roads as drivers continue to use these devices (despite laws to the contrary) -- but now do so more covertly and dangerously.  Unfortunately, many of the laws on this topic also tread dangerously close to the concept of pre-crime. The true purposes of this type of legislation is twofold.  First off, and very important from the government's perspective, these laws are substantial sources of revenue from drivers receiving fines for corresponding infractions.  It is for this reason alone that -- regardless of their ineffectiveness (or even increased danger) -- such laws may never be repealed.  The...(Read Full Post)