Nuclear Weapons and Tyranny

Despite the clear threats that exist to Israel and other western democracies from a nuclear-weapons-capable Iran, some have argued that parallels between China's development of nuclear weapons during the early through mid-1960s, and Iran's undeniable development of nuclear weapons at present, militate against taking military action against Iran in order to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons. On the contrary, such lessons of history support taking action. We should run the counterfactual regarding China -- namely, what may have transpired had Western powers taken military action against China during the 1960s in order to prevent this communist police state from becoming a nuclear armed nation? Nuclear weapons have utility for both offensive and defensive purposes. Concerns regarding Iran becoming a nuclear weapons state are not limited the potential offensive use of these weapons. Iran is an authoritarian regime with a very problematic human rights record. China is, and has...(Read Full Post)