NPR flaunts its wealth as MSM struggles

An understandable wave of envy is sweeping through the Beltway mainstream media, in the wake of NPR (formerly known as National Public Radio) showing off a spectacular new headquarters building in Washington, DC.  NPR is spending big on creating a pleasant work environment while most other news media companies are cutting back and laying off.   The controversy started last Tuesday, when NPR offered a media tour of its new facility. Austin Price of Media Bistro reports: NPR recently moved from Chinatown into its new 400,000 square-foot home on North Capitol, and they're excited about it. Eager to show off the new facility, the organization offered a tour to members of the media Tuesday morning, starting with breakfast from their in-house chefs, along with some talking points from CEO Gary Knell, who outlined some impressive features of the space. The goal in the new building was to have plenty of open space to promote collaboration, something that was difficult in the...(Read Full Post)