NFL brass make a liar out of Sebelius

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said earlier in the week that the NFL and "a variety of sports affiliates" had been "very actively and enthusiastically engaged" in planning to promote Obamacare. But according to the NFL, that's not entirely accurate. GOP lawmakers sent a warning letter to the NFL office, telling them they would be making a mistake by joining with the administration in an effort to sell Obamacare. The NFL's response contradicted Sebelius, making it clear they want to steer clear of the controversy. CNN: The top two Republicans in the Senate cautioned the league against teaming up for the project, saying in a letter Friday the NFL would "risk damaging" its nonpartisan reputation by getting involved in a highly divisive issue. But Brian McCarthy, vice president of communications at the NFL, said in an email that the league has responded to letters they received from members of Congress. "We currently have no plans to engage in this area and have had no substantive...(Read Full Post)