Muslim Brotherhood with show of force in Egypt's streets

They came from many parts of Egypt, most of them bused to the rally in support of Islamist President Morsi, and declared their allegiance to the president and Sharia law. AFP: Tens of thousands of Egyptian Islamists gathered for a show of strength in Cairo on Friday ahead of planned opposition protests against President Mohamed Morsi, highlighting the tense political divide in the Arab world's most populous state. Carrying Egyptian flags and portraits of the president, they flooded into the large square outside the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque in the Nasr City neighbourhood and into the surrounding avenues. Islamist groups led by the powerful Muslim Brotherhood from which Morsi hails, had called for the rally ahead of planned June 30 protests to demand an early presidential election. Morsi has been in office for just one year. Inside the mosque, worshippers finished their prayers and broke out into chants of "Morsi is a president for all Egyptians" before joining the crowds on...(Read Full Post)