Mixed bag in SCOTUS ruling on AZ voter registration

Most media outlets are trumpeting the decision by the Supreme Court to strike down the state of Arizona's requirement that proof of citizenship be supplied when registering to vote as a "victory" for those who believe it a burden to prove your right to vote. But, the Supreme Court had a few surprises in the guts of the decision that gives hope to states who want to pass voter registration laws that have common sense requirements to prove citizenship. SCOTUS Blog's Lyle Denniston: For those who would look to Congress to keep open, and expand, the right to vote for the presidency and for members of Congress, Justice Antonin Scalia's opinion for a majority (seven to two on several points, six to three on one other very key point) promised that Congress could pass its own laws on the voter registration process, and states would have to yield to those.   In this case, a federal voter registration form only requires would-be voters to declare that they are citizens, but...(Read Full Post)