Michelle Does Dublin

Barry and Shelley, accompanied by colleens Malia and Sasha, have landed in Belfast.  While Dad "faces off" with Vladimir Putin over Syria at the G8 Summit in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, the wife and kids flew south to visit Dublin's Trinity College in hopes of learning all about Dad's Irish roots. Excited to find out that her daughters are related to white men of European descent, Michelle and the girls perused the Irish ancestors' birth registry and looked at maps detailing Moneygall's favorite son Barry O'Bama's family homestead in Co Offaly.  The Obama girls also saw a 19th century map that is archived in the National Library of Ireland, which shows the lands of Gorthgreen, from where some of Obama's family hails. Another highlight of the trip was meeting distant cousin Henry Healy, who bestowed upon Sasha and Malia certificates confirming their Irish heritage.  According to Mr. Healy, "Both [girls] were pretty amazed with the certificates. And competing with...(Read Full Post)