Memories of Parades Past

On Gay Pride weekend some fifteen years back, I was working as a producer for a cable television network in New York City.  The windows of the studio for this particular network faced onto Fifth Avenue -- the route of the Gay Pride Parade.  During regular programming, our station would cut to live in-studio news breaks and could, on occasion, include the live activity transpiring outside on the sidewalk and street. Now the network I worked for was, at the time, set up to broadcast all family-oriented programming, whether shows produced from the studio itself or shows bought by the network to broadcast as reruns. As the weekend producer, part of my programming responsibilities were to make decisions concerning the live news breaks. When the gay pride parade was in full swing and passing directly by our studio windows, pretty much everyone in the building that day, from those in the control room to the floor manager and on-camera talent, commented that we should show the...(Read Full Post)