McCain VS The Wacko Birds

Senator McCain, has called Senator Ted Cruz and his ilk in Congress "wacko birds." Ted Cruz's reply? WASHINGTON - Slammed by Sen. John McCain as one of his party's "wacko birds," Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is embracing the epithet. "It is wonderful to be among friends or, as some might say, fellow wacko birds," Cruz said Wednesday night at Coalitions for America's Weyrich Awards Dinner, named for the late conservative icon Paul Weyrich. McCain's slur seems to have backfired. The epithet "wacko bird" has now become honorific among those in Congress who honor the Constitution -- especially the 1st Amendment (free speech) and the 4th Amendment (privacy, unlawful searches and seizures). Leading wacko birds include Cruz, Ron Paul, Mike Lee, and Justin Amash. Elected over the past three years, Republican Sens. Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz have had a meteoric impact in Washington, soaring to grassroots stardom, crashing into the Democratic majority and raining down on the old bulls of...(Read Full Post)