Massachusetts Dems confident going into Tuesday's Senate election

Overconfident, perhaps? While all the polls show Democratic Rep. Ed Markey with a 4-8 point lead over GOP challenger Gabriel Gomez, this is a special election where turnout is going to be less than 25%. This will negate the huge registration advantage of the Democrats and will probably make this a more competitive race than many analysts think. If Democrats think the race is in the bag and stay home, Gomez has a chance for a big upset. But given the lessons learned by Democrats in the 2010 special election when Republican Scott Brown won a huge upset over Elizabeth Coakley, it is likely they will redouble their efforts to turn out enough of their base to win. The Hill: "In Massachusetts, we do win more elections than the bad guys, but there's a lot of them that are close. It's not a gimme," Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh told The Hill.  "The real question is, who's going to remember to vote? And that's really what we're focused on." Confidence among...(Read Full Post)