Look who's running for Congress - Again

Being a Congressman is such a lousy job, you wonder why politicians spend so much money and make such a herculean effort to get there - and stay there. Hours are brutal, forget any semblance of family life, constituents are ignorant and a pain in the neck, and most of your collegues are insufferable louts. But the chance to exercise power and make your mark on history (not to mention stuff a few dollars into your bank account through a variety of legal, but unethical measures) appear to be too alluring to pass up - especially for those who recently lost an election and are dying to get back. Politico: The midterm election season is just ramping up, but already four former House members are running for congressional seats, with more almost certainly on the way. And this follows a 2012 election in which the largest number of former members returned to the House in almost a half-century. Former Pennsylvania Rep. Marjorie Margolies, a Democrat who last served in Congress when Boyz...(Read Full Post)