Lois Lerner: The Face of ObamaCare

Obama is famous for having brought "The Chicago Way" to national politics, to the character of the presidency.  What does this mean, exactly? In politics, Leftists pursue power while conservatives pursue principle.  I know.  Rolling of eyes.  Screeches of outrage.  Sarcastic catcalls.  "Everybody does it." "Even if it's true, you don't mean all Leftists..."  Well...yes.  To the extent that we organize ourselves into groups, then the members of a group are advancing the objectives of that group.  If you are a Democrat, you are advancing the objectives of the Democratic Party. Look at the difference between a Leftist in power and a conservative in power.  If you were to accuse a conservative in power of favoring one group over another in a civic matter because of the political support of that group, the conservative would be affronted. If you were to accuse a Leftist of doing the same thing, the Leftist would be proud.  "You...(Read Full Post)