Kitties open their eyes....what about Obama supporters?

According to experts, a kitty cat opens his or her eyes in a few days after birth.  In other words, the little creature can not see his way around and depends on "mama cat" to survive. What about "yes we can" screamers?  What about people who blindly voted for Obama because he was hip, cool, and the anti-Bush? Will they open their eyes and see the reality? The bad news is that there are still a lot of "yes we can" screamers with eyes closed.  The good news is that Mick Jagger, some media sources and a member of the Irish Parliament have opened her eyes and spoken about it. Reuters has a story about Obama's incompetence: "The Obama administration has spent the past few weeks arguing it can wield power responsibly after Edward Snowden unveiled its sweeping spying programs. Now the administration must prove it can wield power effectively." Ouch! Even Mick Jagger took a shot at Obama:  "I don't think...(Read Full Post)