Jobs Training: Four Percent Effective

Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama is quick to "invest" taxpayer money on his and cronies' pet projects.  One such investment is in jobs training.  Obama, at Lorain Community College in Elmira, OH, in April 2012, talked about his "job training initiatives to help more Americans get back to work and connect unemployed Americans with the skills training they need to find jobs in high-demand, high-growth industries ...[.]"  That sounds great, but (and there's always a "but" when Obama is involved) are his "job training initiatives" effective in terms of employment and money spent?  Evidence suggests that, in both areas, his initiatives have been less than spectacular. "Approximately 26 million citizens were served by federal job training programs in 2009 - an $18 billion expenditure - but only 4% of participants received the type of classroom-based skills instruction that leads to lifelong income gains."  "The vast majority [of job training program participants]...(Read Full Post)