It's time for President Obama to watch a bullfight!

Bullfighting is one of those Spanish traditions that we have in Latin America.  The bullfighter is a folk hero He is like the NASCAR driver who risks his life. He is like Randy Johnson throwing a fastball under your chin.  He has 9 lives like Joe Montana. Thousands show up every week to watch the bullfighter beat the bull.  Unfortunately, sometimes they watch the bull overwhelm "el torero" as he is called. I think that Valerie Jarrett, who seems to be the person in charge of Pres Obama's agenda these days, needs to put a DVD in the TV and tell him to watch "el torero" and "el toro".  She can replace a real bullfight with Tyronne Power's "Blood and Sand".  It's a good movie about a "torero" who rose to the top quickly and then crashed.  His fall was made possible when he surrounded himself with people telling him what he wanted to hear. Bullfighting can teach this very passive...(Read Full Post)