It's time for President Obama to watch a bullfight!

Bullfighting is one of those Spanish traditions that we have in Latin America.  The bullfighter is a folk hero He is like the NASCAR driver who risks his life. He is like Randy Johnson throwing a fastball under your chin.  He has 9 lives like Joe Montana.

Thousands show up every week to watch the bullfighter beat the bull.  Unfortunately, sometimes they watch the bull overwhelm "el torero" as he is called.

I think that Valerie Jarrett, who seems to be the person in charge of Pres Obama's agenda these days, needs to put a DVD in the TV and tell him to watch "el torero" and "el toro".  She can replace a real bullfight with Tyronne Power's "Blood and Sand".  It's a good movie about a "torero" who rose to the top quickly and then crashed.  His fall was made possible when he surrounded himself with people telling him what he wanted to hear.

Bullfighting can teach this very passive and disengaged president a thing or two about the challenges that he faces.

First, "el torero" goes in the ring knowing that the bull is dangerous.  There is no such thing as a nice bull.  "El torero" goes in the arena instinctively knowing that the "el toro" is out to get him.  

Second, "el torero" knows that he is dead (or "muerto") if he lets the bull take charge of "la corrida" or the event. 

Now, let's check out Pres Obama's challenges or scandals:

1) We still do not know where President Obama was the evening that the consulate in Benghazi was overrun.  Did President Obama order the armed forces to defend Americans in a diplomatic mission?  If yes, who fumbled?  If no, why didn't he?

Who told Amb Rice to go out and tell the country about the "video"?.

Again, no one has a clue!

2) On the AP and Rosen affairs, what did President Obama know?  Why is AG Holder still on the job after naming Rosen a co-conspirator?  How can the AG of the US make these decisions without running it by the President of the US?  It makes no sense, specially since the AG is making "calls" that the president will have to explain eventually.

3) The IRS scandal is a disgrace.  Why wasn't President Obama informed?  Why haven't people being fired?  How can a senior White House official not tell the President of the US that an IRS scandal is around the corner?  That's like having the pitching coach not telling the manager that the starting pitcher has a broken arm!

Add the NSA/Prism stories and you get the impression that "el toro" is overwhelming "el torero".

My advice to Pres Obama is to remember the basic rules of bullfighting.  There are no "ties" in bullfighting.  This is not soccer!  This is a deadly struggle between a bull and a man.  The winner is the one who takes charge. 

President Obama has allowed these scandals and stories to take over his administration.  He seems aloof or disconnected from reality. 

He does not look like a man in charge of his job or office.  He looks like a "torero" chased around by a "toro". 


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