IRS Takes Vengeance on Virginia for Enforcing the Law

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli joked at the Virginia Republican Convention, where he was nominated by the state GOP for governor, that the Obama administration must not think he's a conservative:  He hasn't been audited by the IRS.

The IRS nevertheless found a way to exact vengeance on the slayer of government-lawbreaking, who has sued several federal government agencies -- and even wrote a book about why the Obama administration is America's biggest lawbreaker.

Yesterday Cuccinelli blasted the IRS for withholding payment of $125 million in money owed to Virginia.  Cuccinelli won the second largest Medicaid fraud settlement is U.S. history, and the IRS has refused to cough up the money it owed to Virginia after sitting on it for eight months, where it has been earning interest for the feds, but not for Virginia.

As Cuccinelli wrote in a statement, "Can you imagine what the IRS would do if you or I turned in our tax paperwork eight-months late?"

Lawbreaking, cheating and incompetence is in the nature of government.  Cuccinelli's book, The Last Line of Defense: The New Fight for American Liberty, does more than explain why he sued the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies for lawbreaking, and why he was the first state AG to file suit to block ObamaCare.

In Last Line of Defense, Cuccinelli gives a tutorial about why the Constitution and its Bill of Rights were structured to best protect freedoms.  As "the law that governs government," the Constitution cannot adequately protect freedom when government violates that supreme law.

As we've seen with the IRS, the EPA and other federal agencies, government ignores and thus violates the Constitution.  But government lawbreaking is an even deeper problem.  Government agencies violate the very laws that they are supposed to implement and enforce. 

Bureaucrats are unaccountable, and mostly have no consequences for their lawbreaking.  As IRS official Lois Lerner did, they violate the constitutional rights of others, then hide behind constitutional protections, such as the 5th Amendment's privilege against self incrimination, for themselves.

Ken Cuccinelli understands this as well if not better than any elected official.  In an email yesterday, he wrote:

"Today we're seeing what happens when liberals in Washington let government bureaucracies like the IRS run amok with no accountability, trampling the rights of taxpayers in the process. Unfortunately for all of us, my opponent, former DNC head Terry McAuliffe, has spent a lifetime getting them elected and now we are seeing the effects.

"If you believe this D.C. culture of intrusive federal overreach and trampling taxpayer rights is just happening in Virginia or to conservative organizations, you've got another thing coming. This is just the tip of the iceberg."

The tip of the iceberg, indeed.