IRS Takes Vengeance on Virginia for Enforcing the Law

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli joked at the Virginia Republican Convention, where he was nominated by the state GOP for governor, that the Obama administration must not think he's a conservative:  He hasn't been audited by the IRS. The IRS nevertheless found a way to exact vengeance on the slayer of government-lawbreaking, who has sued several federal government agencies -- and even wrote a book about why the Obama administration is America's biggest lawbreaker. Yesterday Cuccinelli blasted the IRS for withholding payment of $125 million in money owed to Virginia.  Cuccinelli won the second largest Medicaid fraud settlement is U.S. history, and the IRS has refused to cough up the money it owed to Virginia after sitting on it for eight months, where it has been earning interest for the feds, but not for Virginia. As Cuccinelli wrote in a statement, "Can you imagine what the IRS would do if you or I turned in our tax paperwork eight-months late?" Lawbreaking,...(Read Full Post)