IRS officials in Washington may have directed targeting program

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that employees at the Cincinnati office of the IRS who were responsible for vetting organizations for tax exempt designation have told congressional investigators that they were being directed by higher ups working in the Washington office of the agency. Two Internal Revenue Service employees in the agency's Cincinnati office told congressional investigators that IRS officials in Washington helped direct the probe of tea-party groups that began in 2010. Transcripts of the interviews, viewed Wednesday by The Wall Street Journal, appear to contradict earlier statements by top IRS officials, who have blamed lower-level workers in Cincinnati. Elizabeth Hofacre said her office in Cincinnati sought help from IRS officials in the Washington unit that oversees tax-exempt organizations after she started getting the tea-party cases in April 2010. Ms. Hofacre said Carter Hull, an IRS lawyer in Washington, closely oversaw her work and suggested...(Read Full Post)